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Bodega Delizius Deluxe Serrano Ham 6Kg

B0505127 Delizius Deluxe


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The Bodega Delizius Deluxe serrano ham is the result of the centuries-old tradition and experience of elaborating ham which has been passed down through the generations. A product which holds high prestige internationally and which is appreciated as a gourmet and delicatessen product worldwide. Without a doubt, a true luxury for the palate, as confirmed by our customers' satisfaction. Approx. curing time: between 12 and 15 months.

Our Delizius Deluxe hams are low in salt. Buy the magnificent Bodega Delizius Deluxe serrano ham either with or without a set of sausages.

The Delizius Deluxe set of Iberian sausages (optional) includes:

  • 1 250 g Iberian chorizo sausage (chorizo ibérico)
  • 1 250 g Iberian spiced sausage (salchichón ibérico)
  • 1 250 g Iberian soft spicy sausage (sobrasada ibérica)
  • 1 250 g Iberian blood sausage (morcilla ibérica)